Our Mission

While Our Mission is focused on taking gently-used, or new donated beds and bedding and distributing them free of charge to area children and families in-need in southeast Kansas and southwest Missouri, we are driven by the goal of improving the quality of life for children who receive these beds – because “a bed is more than a bed, it’s where our little one’s can DREAM BIG and FEEL SAFE“, says our founder of Dream Big Little One Association.


At Dream Big Little One Association, Our Mission is driven by Volunteers who want to make a difference and “Do The Right Thing”. Our goal is to ensure ANY child who needs a bed and bedding receives a bed. As an added benefit, we also contribute to the health and environment of our community by sanitizing beds and keeping them out of landfills.


How To Donate A Bed?

You have choices on HOW you can donate a bed

You can:

1. Send a Financial Donation that will allow us to purchase a NEW bed... OR,

2. Schedule a day and time to drop-off a gently used mattress or box springs.

3. To learn more about how to donate a bed to children in-need, visit HERE...

How Can You Receive A Bed?

Dream Big Little One Association works directly with area Social Service Organizations (Case Workers) and School Counselors in accordance with our bylaws to provide clean, new or recycled beds and bedding for children and their families in-need.

Since our organization works closely with area Case Workers and School Counselors, Dream Big Little One Association does not provide beds or bedding directly to individuals who are not referred by an area Case Worker or School Counselor.